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I am trying to raise 5000 dollars by next friday. That is when Sam will have his surgery. Please help. Anything you can give will be a big help.





Been spending the day spring cleaning my room cause I'm bored. Frodo has been running around my room for the last 2 hours and the dogs have been locked in the kitchen/front room so Frodo won't get eaten.

I am obsessed with Supernatural and I really want to go to the convention in October. Erin and I are going to C2E2 on the 27th. Felicia Day, Amber Benson and Jason David Frank AKA TOMMY OLIVER!!!   Will all be there so it's going to be fun. We are also going to Wizard con in August where i know Will Wheaton will be there.

Side note: I need SPN icons.

I actually registered my healthcare card so I at some point should go to the doctor. Really have not been since I was 14.

Work is going good. It's picked up a bit so Im getting more money but my hours got switched around so I'm not able to go to PAWS during the week. I will probably go on a Sunday in May at some point.

Frodo and the Dogs

So we introduced Riley to Frodo yesterday with Riley on leash. She was great just interested. And today I had Frodo out in my room with Parker and we let Rley into my room and she went  right up to Frodo and started nudging him. It was adorable she was very cnfused as to why Frodo would not play. Frodo just sat there and let her do it.  Than he decided he had enough and went under the bookshelf. but he still has shown zero fear when it comes to the canines. Now all we have to do is desentisize Lola

Nov. 27th, 2012

So I ordered from Drs. Foster and Smith for the animals. Everything but Parker's cozy Cave bed came today. Frodo has 6 new toys and a deodorizer for his cage so my room will no longer smell. I got Scruffy some Glyco-flex chews to help  his joints. And Cage cleaner for the rabbit as well. I also got this pet squeegee thing to help with grabbing fur. Hopefully that works lol. I also got Riley a light up collar cause taking her to the park at night was getting hard.

I really want Parker's bed to come lol. I also ordered several DVD box sets. E.R Seasons 1-4 and NCIS season 9. ANd True Blood Season 1.
Spent most of the day with my best friend Elizabeth and Jazz. It was really fun. I haven't seen her since January. They are going to China after christmas so hopefully we can get together before and after. Plus at some point I want all three dogs to have a play date probably all four of them.

Thanksgiving was nice and quiet. Very different than normal, It helps that the only aunts there were Jeanette and Bridget.


Tv and more...

I need new icons.

I've been watching Chicago Fire since it premiered and I can already tell it will be a favorite. I did finally push myself to watch Grey's Anatomy...

Um...I loved Mark's goodbye. They could have royally screwed that up but it was sad and heartbreaking. Mark and Lexie were my favorite characters and they are both gone now. I like how we won't ever know what truly happened out there, all we will get are the flashes but it is so much better. It will always leave us guessing. I do hope Christina and Owen get back together there my only couple left. And I really thought Callie would leave Arizona because of her attitude. And could we get an update on Teddy? I didn't think they would ignore her all together.

And wholy crap they canceled Private Practice!! I really wander why, and to be honest Grey's should have ended before this one. (On a side note, where was Addison during mark's goodbye?)

The Big Bang Theory this week was hands down one of the funniest in it's history so kudos to them.

I've given serious thought into returning to writing. I left Standing Ground...very unfinished and I have been getting more interest in it lately which is giving me some kick. So maybe...

I'm sitting in my room letting Frodo run around, it is amusing. Though Mr. Baggins will l probably hate me again in a month if he needs a dental. He just stopped trying to bite me anytime I went to get him. (he was not happy to be neutered) lol. 

NCIS 10x02 Reaction Post

It was better I think. I liked the factthat Vance was losing it and the shrink confronted him. And Abby and Gibbs are always the best:) What is going on with Ducky? Is he finally faced with the fact that at some point he will have to give up autopsy? Jimmy was my favorite though. And I did like the background on the agency. And can I say that once again NCIS proved what a unique angent Tony is? He is never appreciated for his talents but...he has  agreat sense of smell and hearing and every now and than the writers remember this and make him competent.

Anyone else get the feeling that Abby's brother will be a bad guy? Or at least hurt Abby?


New Shows and Season Premiers

Ben and Kate: I liked it. Was cute and funny we will see how it goes.
Revolution: Thought it was awesome need to watch the next episode. May become a favorite. Good execution and plot.
Last Resort: Need to find a way to watch it. No longer on OnDemand.
Bones: Always good nice relief show.
New Normal: saw and couple of episodes, Need more time to get an opinion. I love the storyline though it shows progress for society
Partners: I really want to see this. If anyone can tell me where i can find it, that would be awesome.
Glee: I don't know yet. We will see. I like Brody and the change in Rachel. Do not want her and Finn together. I need Kurt and Blaine not to break up.
Grey's Anatomy: Not sure if I will watch it yet. I am of the belief that it should have ended before now and I don't know yet if I will go through the trouble of watching it now that they killed off my favorite characters.
Doctor Who: Want to watch it but I can't. My OnDemand kills the picture and I haven't had a chance to go to my parents yet.
Supernatural: Netflix finally put up season 7. I'm a third of the way through so I will be able to watch season 8 with Erin by next week hopefully.
NCIS:LA: Much better premier than  NCIS. So the plan a mile away but still better. 
Chicago Fire: Need to watch. I really hope I like it.
Animal Practice: Dr. Boin from work told me about this. It's cute and adorable.

I'm watching a lot of NBC shows this year. I haven't watched anything on NBC since E.R. It's weird lol.


NCIS 10x01 Reaction Post

The premiere was very lackluster. There was no resolving of the Tony/Ziva drama that was a big part of the last season and everyone thought would come to a head when they were stuck in the elevator. There whole story was just blah.

I honestly though there would be more drama. I knew Ducky was going to be okay cause David was already signed for the season, Cote and Sean were not and I assumed there would be more angst over the condition of McGee.

My favorite parts of the episode though were Ducky and Palmer. Their scenes made up for everything. And I did like Dearing as a character. They gave Dearing a reason for his actions as horrible as they were. (It was also nice to see Toby as a villain, since I am a West Wing fan). Gibbs ending scenes also made up for the lack of anything in the episode. The parallels between Gibbs and Dearing were very poignant and also very indicative to what could have happened if Gibbs had no morals. Plus he built himself a family again, Dearing didn't.

And wow I loved Tony asking Gibbs about Ryan. I wish we could see more of that Tony (and that father/son relationship) thats been lacking the last few years.

I still have to watch NCIS:LA-a little apprehensive about that too.


Frodo Baggins is annoying...

I have a rabbit now called Frodo Baggins. We have had him for about two months now. I really like him, he's cute. He is a Lionhead (the beige and grey one if you look up pictures) But every time I have him out for exercise he keeps jumping on my bed. Even if I barricade it lol.