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A Greener Earth

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Save the Polar Bears...
I am a book worm plain and simple. There was a time in grade school where all I would do was read. Nothing and no one could call my attention away from any book that I was reading. As a result I read probably a dozen books each week, and even now I know the majority of my books by heart because I have read them so much. Now much of what I read is online, fanfiction and what not. And of course any new books I get or feel like reading. Most of my time is spent reading tempered only when I am away from home. I also like watching tv. In recent years my obsession with that has waned as most of my shows (at least 10) have ended or been cancelled. I now really watch 5 shows spread over a weekly period. I am an avid Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis fan. The show has been a part of my life for the majority of it. Brothers and Sisters is also another favorite, I will never miss an episode. I am also a trekkie. My earliest memories include watching Star Trek: TNG, and save for the original-I have seen every episode of every series. I own all of Voyager and Deep Space Nine. To put it simply I am a geek, a mild book worm geek, but sill a geek.

I am a huge animal lover, always will be and in general I prefer them over people any day hands down. I am also somewhat of a writer. Only just starting out and my fandoms vary slightly though most of my stories pertain to SGA. I am not the best writer but I am not the worst either.

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