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PR fic: Untitled JF-Chapter 2

My aunt had a heart attack this morning (she’s fine), and I have to work over 20 hours the next 2 days but I wanted to get something out now in case I am not able to for a few days.

Chapter Two

Lily swerved out of the way of Theo who was balancing two trays in one hand and simultaneously used the other to help Fran with the mop.

“One Kilimanjaro with extra peppers,” Lily said as she placed the swim team’s pizzas on their tables. “Plus a Mount Rushmore with no peppers.” Lily finished as she placed the second order towards the end of the push together tables.

“Hey Lil, can you get table five’s order for me?” Lily heard Theo ask. “I’m going to help Fran with those kids.” Theo continued as he nodded towards the back of JKP.

“Sure,” she chirpily replied. She turned and went through the kitchen doors asking for the order before she had gotten even half way through.

“In a minute, Lily,” Casey told her. He was looking at RJ not even glancing in her direction when she came up next to him.

“What’s he doing?” Lily murmured into his ear.

Casey nudged her and smiled, “You know RJ, he says one thing and ends up doing something else.”

Lily nodded.

“Not true compadre, I merely express an idea,” RJ waved in their direction, “If the presented idea does not match with the one expressed it has merely evolved.” Here RJ accompanied his ‘expression’ with what he thought were appropriate hand gestures.

“No changing of the idea was involved.” He continued.

“Sure RJ,” Casey said a note of fondness in his voice. “No changes at all.”

Lily looked at Casey sharply. She had noticed the Red Ranger’s shift in tone when he spoke to their purple Ranger.

She nudged his shoulder, “Table five?” she softly reminded him. She would have to analyze it later.


Later turned into several days and by then Lily had forgotten why she should talk to Casey.  JKP was extremely busy during the summer months and with it being extremely warm they were far busier than they thought they would be this early in the season.

Normally, it would not have been a problem but Dom was traveling again the others had been busy with Pai Zua training.

As a result even the normally chipper Lily was starting to show wear.

Casey was working less at JKP and more at the dojo with his ‘kids’ which was leaving a strain on the others mainly because Master Finn kept popping in to see his student.

RJ was...not okay with this.

Despite the last few months his relationship with his father was not in any way in his mind classified as ‘okay’.

“Uh oh,” Lily heard Fran murmur. In concern she glanced at her curly haired friend, only to see her looking towards the door.

Lily groaned. Master Finn was looking for Casey. Again.

“I thought Casey told Finn he wasn’t going to be training as much” Fran asked the blond.

“He did,” Lily answered, “But I don’t think Master Finn liked that.”

“But you guys all passed your tests, your Masters, why does he need to continue training with RJ’s dad?” Fran once again mumbled to her companion.

“Master Finn wants to see RJ,” Theo came up behind the girls, “He’s using Casey as an excuse.”

“Yes,” All three spun around at the unexpected answer. “Yes, he is.” RJ noted.

“However what my father does and does not do,” RJ gestured, “Does not mean you do not have work to do, my dutiful employees.”

Lily sent RJ a questioning glance. “I’ll deal with good old Dad,” He told his concerned former student with a smile.

“Are you sure?” Fran said, “I mean I could always tell him your busy, delivering pizzas or training or-”

“Come on Fran.” Theo cut the rambling girl off. “RJ can deal with Finn, we have work.”

“Yes go,” RJ nodded. “I’ll be fine, Dad’s just dad.”

The others returned to work and RJ looked at the older man.

Yeah, once he gets an agenda in his head everyone better watch out. Though usually that means me.

RJ’s forehead wrinkled in thought. Dealing with dear old dad on a regular basis was proving tiresome.

Even for him.


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Mar. 5th, 2009 10:10 am (UTC)
Nice work here. Really good characterization and insightful dynamics. I'm looking forward to seeing where you go with this :)
Mar. 8th, 2009 05:14 pm (UTC)
I love that Casey is watching RJ and Lily is watching Casey ::warm fuzzies:: They're so sweet.

RJ was...not okay with this.

Oh well said! ♥

“Master Finn wants to see RJ,” Theo came up behind the girls, “He’s using Casey as an excuse.”

! Way to go Theo!

“However what my father does and does not do,” RJ gestured, “Does not mean you do not have work to do, my dutiful employees.”

::giggles:: I love that RJ participates in the conversation first and chides them for having it second. That's so classic.
Mar. 8th, 2009 07:42 pm (UTC)
One of my favorite things about JF was the fact that they did not suger coat the fact that RJ and Finn had problems. I really wanted to show that and in part that is what this story is aout.

I am really glad you like RJ, I am finding it hard to write RJ without him being serious, which granted is needed here but....I am glad you like it ♥
( 3 comments — Leave a comment )